How to get a scuba dive license?

Are you a nature addict? Do you love sea, swimming, diving, exploring sea flora and fauna or even ship wrecks? Are you interested in making the first step towards getting your scuba dive license? Your adventure will not be very simple, but it will certainly be very interesting, enjoyable and invaluable! There are several steps to be fulfilled and questions to be answered in order to get the license. Read on.

Is the license necessary to dive?

Did you ever want to drive a car without a license? Yes, we know you did. Did you do it? We hope not. You certainly know it is illegal, forbidden and could cost you and other people lives. Scuba diving can be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it correctly. If you don’t pass the licensing programme and become a knowledgeable and skillful diver, you could bring your life to danger and jeopardize other people who are trying to help you too.

What is the age limit?

If you are under 12, you won’t be able to get the license. However, don’t let this stop you from learning. You can take learning courses, practice a lot with your teacher and become a proficient diver. When you’re 12, simply get licensed. After that, nothing can stop you from becoming a true dive master! The age limit may differ from organization to organization. For example, the age limit for the world’s best known diving licensing organization is 15. They do have the junior school you can join after you’re 10 years old, though.

Is your body ready for diving?

There are certain medical conditions that will prevent you from diving and, accordingly, getting your license. The majority of world, national and regional diving associations publish the WRSTC rules and guidelines when it comes to health issues. You can also prepare your body by active swimming, starting fitness or going to gym before applying for scuba diving training and license programme. Don’t forget that diving is often a tiring sport, as it requires active bodily movements.

Find a reliable, renowned learning and certification programme. The best-known programs for diving, including the open water diver licensing, include PADI and Naui. However, you can take lessons with any teacher you want and then get certified by one of the renowned institutions. The theoretical part can even be done online. All you have to do afterwards is pass the practical part. Welcome to the world of scuba diving!