Can you go diving in Dubai?

Let’s first answer this question quickly: Yes, but the experience is rather different than the usual diving. There are plenty of options for diving in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai is definitely one of the most prominent ones due to great interest of tourists who come here. Apart from all the attractions in terms of architecture, entertainment and sea activities this city offers, scuba diving in Dubai is becoming more and more popular each year despite some unfavorable natural conditions.

Basic things you have to know about diving in Dubai

The West Coast of the United Arab Emirates is among the most visited areas when it comes to diving in this country. Lots of tourists try scuba diving here and their overall impressions are that the sea life is not so rich and the lack of coral reefs somewhat diminishes the diving pleasure but that diving along the wrecks is an unforgettable experience. At times, divers complain about low visibility. Another thing to be careful about are strong currents.

Diving courses

As there are lots of tourists in Dubai and most of them are those who are just starting to dive, diving courses in Dubai are rather popular. One of the best ones is the Deep Blue Sea diving school. They also organize diving trips individually or in groups. You can rent or buy diving equipment at affordable prices. They offer interesting diving lesson programmes:

  • Open water diver,
  • Advanced diver,
  • Specialty courses,
  • Dive master programme,
  • Rescue diver course,
  • Scuba instructor certification programme.

The open water diver course awards you a certificate for diving up to 18 meters of depth. Those who successfully pass the Advanced diver program can dive up to 30 meters. Specialty courses introduce you to the secrets and skills of exploration of the diving environments on a more advanced level, while the Dive master teaches you the professional level of scuba diving. Rescue diver and scuba instructor give you skills, knowledge and certificates for these two categories.

If you are visiting Dubai and want to try diving, it is possible to do it on the West Coast, especially if you are in love with the wreck diving. However, if you want to experience a more natural sea environment with rich flora and fauna, you might take a one or two days off to Musandam, the most beautiful diving site in the UAE.