Best surfboard brands

A surfboard is a bluff body like structure that is curved on both of its sides. This design enables us to provide an elongated platform for the surfers to surf in the mighty oceans. The best surfboard brands ensure that the boards are lightweight and are extremely strong and rigid to support a surfer standing while breaking through the waves.

What are the types of surfboard?

Surfing is everything, but without knowing the types of surfboards available, surfing loses its purpose. They are as follows:


This is a long surfboard which are between 8 and 9 inches long. It has a rounded nose and are very stable in rough seas. You can perform professional manoeuvres such as hang fives or tens, drop-knee turns and so on with this board.


It is a long narrow and pointy type of a surfboard at it’s nose and tail. The reason for the pointed shape is to maximize the rail contact of the board. The name is derived from ‘elephant gun’ which means hunting or gun for hunting down surf.


It is also known as softboard and are designed for people who are extremely new to surfing. If you happen to be one of those people, you will realise that this board is easier to catch waves once you begin using it.

Which are the best surfboard brands?

Some of the best surfboard brands depends upon it’s design, uniqueness and more importantly surfing safety. They are as follows:


You can choose rusty surfboards if you want a wide variety of longboards and shortboards and everything between that range. Due to it’s bright colour variant, you can always spot a surfer using this board wherever you are in the oceans.

Catch Surf

It is a type of a shortboard which you shall prefer if you are not a fan of the long board. This type of surfboard has length up to 5 feet long and is made from thick foam with maple plywood.


In America, Wavestorm bodyboards surfboards are one of the most popular boards among the surfers, however not an advanced one. This surfboard measures six to nine feet long and offers you good grip while surfing in the oceans.

In conclusion, if you have a true liking to water sports, your instincts will help you making the choice of the best surfboard brands that suits your budget.