Best places to scuba dive in Argentina

Scuba diving is the most complete sports a human being can experience. Diving allows seeing the bottom of the seam the sub-aquatic world. A wonderful world is opening and let the diver to be charmed b its beauty. To practice, scuba diving is not absolutely necessary to be in perfect shape. Your swimming style can be improved, but you can still practice this sport. Is mandatory to learn all the technical aspects; then you will experience a quiet and miraculous immersion in the world of silence. Don’t forget to look at the best scuba gear packages on the market. Diving helps you to fight stress and forget your problems and your sorrows. Is time to discover the tremendous opportunities to dive in Argentina’s waters.

Argentina has the most desired and diverse locations in South America. The country spans from the subtropics to Tierra del Fuego, a subpolar zone. Peninsula Valdes is well known by divers. Here you can lesson to the whale song underwater. Monte Cervantes is another attraction appreciated among divers.

The waters that surround Argentina have high visibility. The only problem is caused by plankton that rises during summer. The plankton lows the visibility, but the water remains clean.

Peninsula Valdes

Peninsula Valdes is sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean. The peninsula boats a great calendar of events, from the whale’s underwater song to the penguins and orcas. Ushuaia in the Patagonia, southern Argentina, allows diving at extreme temperatures in the winter (2 0 C). You will dive with jellyfish or crabs. Hundreds of tiny colored marine creatures will surround you.

Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn, Argentina, is scuba diving capital. The town s on the Atlantic coast, in Patagonia. During the summer, thousands of visitors are attracted to Puerto Madryn, to enjoy the sandy beaches. During the winter, Puerto Madryn attracts up to 2000 whales migrate from the Antarctic Ocean to the waters of the Valdes Peninsula. The place becomes their home and breeding ground.

Puerto Madryn is the most popular Argentina travel destination because of the white sand beaches and the great whales coming in the winter. Whale watching best visit time is from August to October. The whales are approaching the beaches and their spectacular presence can be admired easily.

Scuba diving is perfect in Puerto Madryn, known as Capital of Scuba Diving. The Argentinian city is the perfect destination for snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, kayaking, or any other water sports. The underwater environment is spectacular, you can visit natural shipwrecks, natural reefs, man-made parks, cavern, and caves.