Best islands in South America to snorkel

South America offers some of the best snorkel and dive spots in the world. From the Atlantic and the Caribbean in the east to the Pacific in the west, coral reefs and blue clear water form spectacular places for snorkeling and scuba diving. Some of these places are accessible only by boat but others are near the beach. People are very friendly, making the trip to these places a pleasant experience.

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Great Blue Hole, Belize

The hole lies 70km from the Belize coast. A limestone collapsed many years ago and formed a sinkhole. UNESCO declared the hole a world heritage site. The famous French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau named the spot one of the top spots in the world. The place has a round shape, a 300 meters perimeter and 125 meters deep. The hole hosts a large variety of nurse and bull shark, a large variety of marine life.

Isle Holbox, Mexico

The small island Holbox, located near the northern Yucatan peninsula, looks like a heaven. There are to cars, to preserve the environment. Enormous whales come near the island, between June and September. It is a perfect place to swim with the whales, dive, and snorkel.

Galapagos Island, Ecuador

Wildlife enthusiasts really love Galapagos Island, because of the unique wildlife, endemic to entire archipelago. This place is unique, marine iguanas and have their home here. There are no predators, human appearances. Every creature evolves free, with no fear. Sea lions’ pups are very cute, rays and exotic fish and turtles embellish the island. The visitors stay in the cruiser, the best place for any scuba divers. One day trips to inhabited islands are another attraction for scuba divers.

Little Corn, Nicaragua

The island is located off the coast of Nicaragua and hosts up to twenty dive sites. Scuba divers can see lobsters, stingrays, octopus, moray eels. Coral reefs and spectacular sandy channels host triggerfish, dolphins, barracuda and eagle rays. There are so many diving spots that this island becomes the ideal choice for a long holiday perfect for dive.

Sea of Cortez, Mexico

You can find it between the mainland of Mexico and Baja California. The island hosts a large variety of flora and fauna. The island is isolated, manta rays, jacks, dolphins, and sea lions. Sea of Cortez is divers paradise, the place is popular for scuba divers and snorkelers. You also can try fishing, sailing or windsurfing.