Best coral reefs to dive in the world?

For most of the divers, diving near coral reefs is the most exciting diving experience. They are sometimes called “the rain forests of the sea” because they represent the most diverse ecosystem on the Earth. Accordingly, diving along the coral reef represents an unforgettable experience. Rich in flora and fauna, lots of different species in one place and magical colors form mesmerizing, breathtaking underwater views. The coral reefs are also the best places for underwater photography. Here are the top coral reefs to dive in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is the largest coral reef in the world. In the same time, it is the largest living entity in the world. Its extraordinary diversity comes from the amazing 3,000 coral reefs, over 900 islands and lagoons. It was chosen as one of the seven world’s natural wonders. Diving at this coral reef is the dream come-true of all divers in the world.

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

This coral reef is certainly among the best scuba spots due to its fabulous environment with limestone walls, exotic coral life and beautiful beaches.

Daymaniyat, Oman

Muscat, the capital of Oman, has some of the most magnificent coral reefs along its beautiful coast. The Daymaniyat Islands is certainly the most beautiful one. Known as royal jewels, these islands are uninhabited. The untouched nature is the source of a very rich scuba life. The reef is at a depth from 5 to 30 meters. Divers enjoy seeing turtles, the devil-fish and beautiful colorful tropical fish species.

The Red Sea Coral Reef, Indian Ocean

The northernmost coral reef in the Indian Ocean and one of the oldest reefs in the world is more than 2,000 kilometers long! This wonder of nature hides incredible places and even more incredible sea life.

Morere, Boipeba Island

Boipeba Island is heaven on Earth. Located along the northern coast of Brazil, it hides one of the top five world’s coral reefs. The reef is located at the famous Morere beach. Its peculiarity are many natural pools perfect for rowing, beautiful scenery and rich flora and fauna.

If you are passionate about diving and coral reefs, make sure you visit them as soon as possible, because some of these amazing reefs are endangered due to lack of protection and pollution caused by the humans. One of them is the beautiful Koh Phi Phi coral reef.